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Foothill Felines Magnum, my photographic memorial to the cat who changed my life 
and that of so many others!! Because of Nu-Vet Plus supplements, he overcame multiple major health issues and lived 
an extraordinary life of over 20 years!!
Above is my Tymeless Images Pet Memorial of my Beloved Magnum. (For more info about these Pet Memorials, click on the image.)

(PLEASE NOTE: We are NOT veterinarians!! However, we have over 15 years experience as Bengal and Savannah cat breeders, plus the experiences shared with us by our own clients and veterinarians. We want to share our personal research and experiences regarding these important feline health issues with ALL other pet lovers, and welcome your comments:

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NuVet Plus Review

It gives me great pleasure to tell everyone about this remarkable product!  I've been a NuVet Plus user and distributor for over 10 years, and have a background of 15 years as a breeder of Bengal and Savannah cats.  Not only have I seen the real results from this supplement in all my own breeding cats and litters over the years, but have also heard first-hand the rave results from my many customers from all over the world. Perhaps the most powerful story I can relate about the NuVet Plus feline supplement however, does not involve any of my breeding cats at all, but rather my most precious and dear pet kitty "Magnum".  Magnum came to me as a 5 week old kitten, and all I knew about him was that he was "1/2 Bengal, 1/2 Abysinnian"!  He could fit in the palm of my hand, and he was actually the cat - because of his extraordinary purr-sonality - that eventually got me started as a Bengal breeder. Magnum had many things happen to him over the years.  He almost died from a rabies shot reaction; he almost died a few months later when he was overdosed with anesthesia during his neuter surgery.  After that surgery, he was blind for 5 days and had to learn to walk, sit, eat, everything all over again.  He had head tremors for over 6 months, and I knew he'd lost a few of his "marbles"!  Then, he was given ear drops for ear mites that made him deaf, which he then was for the rest of his life.  But he and I learned how to communicate in our own way.

A few years later, he developed "fatty liver" disease.  Because of his sensitivity to anesthesia, my vet did the needle biopsy without any anesthesia, just me holding my beautiful boy in my arms.  When the diagnosis was confirmed, my vet said I should have him put down.  I told my vet that was not an option, and for him to tell me exactly what I was dealing with and what needed to be done.  The result of that experience led to me writing an article on this disease (at the time, there was virtually no information available to the public about it), and this article has literally saved the lives of over 500 cats. It was about this time that I first heard about Nu-Vet Plus.  I began adding the Nu-Vet Plus to Magnum's prescription food, along with fish oil.  This is the concoction I would mix into a liquidy slurpee, then pull into syringes (no needles of course) and force-feed to Magnum.  It took over 8 weeks of force-feeding Magnum around the clock, and daily hydrating him with the sterile saline solution bags into the skin of his neck, as well as finding an anti-nausea medication that he could tolerate it, but he ended up making a complete recovery, and never had another episode.  For anyone interested, here is my article: 

Magnum was a "foster daddy" to many many many many kittens over the next 15+ years.  He became quite a large cat; over 20 pounds; and he looked like a gorgeous brown panther.  At about the age of 12, he developed feline diabetes.  I decided ("we" decided, he and I) that I wasn't going to put him through any more drastic medical procedures.  I verified with my vet that the high quality food I had Magnum on was, in fact, the best food possible for a cat with this condition, and I continued to feed Magnum this food along with his Nu-Vet Plus supplement.  Magnum lived in my room with me, and I bought him little stairs to help him get up and down from my bed; he never missed his litterbox, and we had 8 incredible more years together.  And I know without any doubt that the Nu-Vet Plus feline supplement played a huge role in Magnum's recovery from his fatty liver disease, as well as being able to live a very high quality life, (without any additional medication, injections, insulin, etc.) for 8 more years with his feline diabetes.  He had a wonderful life of 20 years, and he changed my life forever, and ultimately my customers' lives by inspiring me to become a Bengal and Savannah cat breeder; and then to create CUSTOM PHOTOGRAPHIC PET MEMORIALS to help comfort others dealing with the grief and loss of a special pet.  (Not to mention having his unconditional love and trust, no matter what we were going through - priceless.)

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